Registrations Fees (Brazilian Reals - R$).
Tickets for professionals and students are offered for the IoT Forum. Tickets to attend the event in person also allows virtual access (online) to the event. Members of the event organizers and sponsors (FBIoT, SBMicro, SBA, SBC, SBIAgro, SBrT, IEEE/EDS) have cheaper tickets. Cheaper tickets are also offered for students - members and non-members. Tickets will be sold until October 3rd at a promotional price and after that with normal price. After October 3rd, tickets will be offered, still at the promotional price, only for virtual access (online). For non-author students is offered admission to virtual access only (online) at a very reduced price. All of this is summarized in the following table (in Brazilian Reais - R$):

Registration Platform.

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