Registrations Fees (Brazilian Reals - R$).

Tickets for professionals and students are offered for the IoT Forum, including participation in 2023 SIoT and LABCIoT. Information about registration fees are as follows:

  • Tickets to attend the event in person also allow virtual access (online) to the event.
  • Members of the event organizers and sponsors (FBIoT, SBMicro, SBA, SBC, SBIAgro, SBrT, and IEEE/EDS) have cheaper tickets.
  • Cheaper tickets are also offered for students - members and non-members of FBIoT, SBMicro, SBA, SBC, SBIAgro, SBrT, and IEEE/EDS.
  • Tickets will be sold until October 10th at a promotional price and then at a normal price.
  • After October 10th, tickets will be offered at the promotional price only for virtual access (online). For non-author students, virtual (online) access is also offered at a very reduced price.
  • Authors of accepted full papers for the 2023 SIoT must have a professional registration for having their papers presented at the 2023 SIoT and published at IEEE Xplore. The number of papers for each professional registration is up to TWO. An additional paper will cost an additional fee. The deadline for these registrations is October 10th.
  • Authors of accepted abstracts for posters for the 2023 SIoT must have a student registration for having their porters presented at the 2023 SIoT. The number of posters for each student registration is TWO. An additional abstract for the poster will cost an additional fee. The deadline for these registrations is October 10th.

  • The value for each category of registration in Brazilian currency (Real - R$) is as follows:

    To become a member of FBIoT, SBMicro, SBA, SBC, SBIAgro, SBrT, or IEEE/EDS and take advantage of reduced registration fees, you should access the following websites:

    2023 IoT Forum Conference Dinner

    We invite all participants of the 2023 IoT Forum to join us for a special evening of good meetings during the Conference Dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere while sharing ideas and experiences with industry colleagues.

    Our selection of appetizers includes a variety of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Choose from a wide range of main courses, from succulent pasta dishes to flavor-packed meat entrees. Rest assured that we have options to accommodate all dietary preferences and restrictions.

    To satisfy your sweet tooth, our dessert selection is a true temptation, featuring house-made ice creams, caramel pudding, and fresh seasonal fruits.

    And to accompany your meal, we offer a variety of beverages, from refreshing water to chilled beers.

    Don't miss this opportunity to savor good food, great company, and an unforgettable evening. Reserve your spot at the Conference Dinner - 2023 IoT Forum now!

    Date and Time:

    Location and Address:


    Appetizers (available at your table)

    Main Course (individual choice)


    Dessert: Beverages:


         -      R$ 160.00 per person.

    Registration Platform

    General Information:

    In the brochure (which you can download) you can find more information about the 2023 Iot Forum with regards to access to the event venue, presentations (for speakers and coordinators), lunch venue etc.

    Sponsors and Organizers:


    Institutional Supporters:



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